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Mega Label


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Mega Label S. A. de C.V. Dynamic 100% Mexican company founded in 1997 that has stood out from its beginnings for offering services and products of first level, which has led us to be part of the best companies within the IN-MOLD branch.

We have the necessary technology and qualified personnel to satisfy, improve and innovate any need that the client presents to deliver at the end of a careful process, IN-MOLD labels of excellent quality to ensure a successful product in the market.

Mega Label offers different textures for the IN-MOLD Label

Orange Peel

The Orange Peel finish is a versatile texture that resembles the peel of a fruit which allows a more modern and attractive feel to the touch.

Ultra Clear

It is a super transparent film that simulates the crystal, which offers multiple benefits, such as resistance to impacts and heat, also has ample opportunities for application.

Smooth Shiny

The glossy smooth finish offers an elegant and sophisticated look ideal for any occasion, designed with the purpose of giving a more exclusive, sober and modern touch.

Metallic Finish

A futuristic and highly innovative finish that is very attractive to the eye because it offers a realism totally identical to metal       .

High Gloss

High Gloss is characterized by being extremely bright, which creates endless possibilities of application.

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Jose Marcos


Abelardo Rodriquez 9
Texcoco, Mexico, 56259



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