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Illig Maschinenbau


The IC-RDML 70, developed by ILLIG, is a decoration unit tailored to these requirements which were presented at K 2013 for the first time. In the meantime, several of these IML-T lines were installed successfully at customer sites or they are in the process of being realized. Tools up to 18 cavitations are producing in a highly efficient manner decorated containers. At Interpack 2014 ILLIG also presented IML integration in a form, fill and seal line realized in the new FSL 48. Increasing demands with respect to a high-quality decoration technology, and last but not least, measures to meet the obligation to provide nutritional information will result in an increasing application of IML technology in thermoforming. With the IML-T machine program ILLIG offers complete solutions for functional packs which meet highest decoration requirements at the same time.


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Thomas Stahl


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Thermoforming Machines