IMDA Condensed Technical Guidelines

Following is the list of condensed versions of the IMDA Technical Guidelines. The cost to purchase the guidelines is US $25.  

On receipt of payment, the condensed versions of the Technical Guidelines will be sent to you via email. The condensed versions contain purpose of procedure, definitions and documentation recommendations.

(NOTE: The full versions include Purpose of procedure, definitions of terms, test procedures, equipment and materials needed, preparation of materials, documentation and evaluations. The full versions are available only to our Corporate Members and are in the Members Only section of the website.)

Activation Temperature Range   |    Adhesive Uniformity   |    Applied Adhesive Coating Weight 

Bottle Wall Thickness   |   Bottle Weight   |    Coefficient of Friction of In-Mold Labels

Label Blocking Resistance    |   Label Curl    |     Label Packaging

Measuring IML Label Placement    |    Print-to-Die Cut Registration    |    Print-to-Print Registration

Product Resistance    |    Scuff Resistance    |    Solvent Retention

Static Charging of In-Mold Labels   |    Static Testing   |    Storage & Handling Conditions for In-Mold

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