2008 IMDA Awards Winners

The In-Mold Decorating Association proudly announces the winners of its second annual Awards Competition. The 2008 Awards Competition recognizes the industry's best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The winning entries were chosen for their creativity in design, engineering and innovation.



Best Part Design
Swatch Buttons

Submitted by: Aspasie IML
Molder: Plastifil

The challenge for this design was definitely the small size of the label. Cassette loaders were designed to provide easy handling of the little labels by the molder. The little labels required a more precise die-cutting due to the very visible effect of off registry on such a small label. The quality standards required by the customer could only be met by designing an in-mold label printed on a high resolution offset press.


Best Thin Wall Packaging
Chapman's YogurtPlus

Submitted by: North America IML Containers Inc. 
Molder: North America IML Containers Inc.

The molder created a package to give a new dimension to ice cream containers. The Chapman's design features a unique oval shape, an original wrap-around in-mold label that follows the beautiful line of the container and an elegant tamper evident lid.


Best Injection Molded Part
Dirt Bike Spoilers

Submitted by: Polisport 
Molder: Polisport

This part demonstrated a certain degree of complexity in the mold, including 14 "cutouts" that were clean and free of flash, indicating good shutoffs, something that can sometimes present challenges when molding polypropylene material. That the heavy "label" had to fit exactly onto the part, gave some additional complexity to the whole process. The high quality of the mold allowed the in-mold process to produce excellent quality.


Best Blow Mold Part
Seven Powers Perfume

Submitted by: Viappiani Printing Srl

In-mold labeling for small capacity containers offers a real challenge to the market. This 150-ml cosmetic bottle is light, shatter-proof and 100% environment-friendly. The Seven Powers label has very simple but attractive graphics with hot-foil stamping on a thermo-sensitive substrate.


Best IMD Durable Product
Nescafe Lenticular Cup (22-oz.)

For: Nestle Mexico 
Molder: IGH Solutions

Part of a holiday campaign for Nestle Mexico, this lenticular cup features holiday ornaments communicating the spirit of the season. The Nescafe brand is enhanced all around the lenticular cup, as the division of the artwork into two distinct panels emphasizes the 3D visual impact. Elegantly simplified representations of a pine tree animate in the background while each ornament appears on a separate layer towards the forefront.


Best Label Design
Schätze der Welt

For: Mövenpick

Submitted by: Spies Kunststoffe GmbH

The elegant design of the container and lid are reminiscent of a treasure chest, which corresponds very well to the product name. Special label film was selected to achieve a smooth surface between a high gloss and matte finish. Graphics for each product are evocative of the special flavors unique to the country of origin.


Label Design – Honorable Mention
Preen Garden Weed Preventer

Submitted by: Ropak Packaging

This label is the largest known non-round in-mold label produced or used in North America – or possibly the world. Because of the large size, several technical challenges had to be overcome to make the project a success.


Best Product Family
Olay Definity Skin Care Products

Submitted by: Smyth Companies/Technimark 
For: Procter & Gamble 
Molder: Technimark

For the launch of Procter & Gamble's new skin care line, Olay Definity, a new cylindrical package was requested with high quality printing and the ability to view the suspended product inside. The solution came together with a polystyrene container and a clear IML label. The second generation of art integrated a hologram to add additional elegance and shelf presence to the package. The combination of materials, art and holographic content provided a challenge but resulted in a package that truly speaks to the brand's identity.


Product Family – Honorable Mention
Maxx Scoop Litter (7-kg)

For: Nestle Purina Canada 
Submitted by: Gateway Plastics

Gateway Plastics created and developed this product family for Nestle/Purina to increase the package quality over previous pail designs that used thermal transfer or sleeve decorating methods. The in-mold label solution allowed for the best possible reproduction of colors and photographic images with minimal defects. Beyond image quality, Gateway created a unique container design and implemented proprietary processing techniques to create a robust solution that reduced product handling, scrap and inventory exposure.