2010 IMDA Awards Winners

The In-Mold Decorating Association is pleased to present the winners of its Fourth Annual Awards Competition which recognizes the industry's best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The 2010 winning entries were chosen based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation from a field of 45 entries from 20 companies world wide.



Best IMD Durable Product
Spa Controller Panel

Submitted by: Distinctive Plastics 
Molder: Distinctive Plastics 
Brand Owner: Watkins Manufacturing (Caldera)

This controller panel/bezel utilizes the Kurz reel -to- reel IMD method which combines superior chemical resistance with machined look & dead front/transparent window graphics as well as crisp/clean text to create a high end look spa controller not previously available in the industry. The use of IMD also eliminated certain assembly requirements and reduced the total part cost when compared to the previous controller.


Best Injection Molded Part
Alouette® Blue Cheese Package

Submitted by: Treofan/IML Labels Canada 
Molder: LaCroix Packaging Inc. 
Brand Owner: Alouette Cheese USA.

The container has an easy open and close feature which allows perfect sprinkling of the crumbed cheese without removing the lid. The container can lay flat or on its side in stores, the product can be seen through the clear container and the excellent concentric shaded graphics stand out on the white label background. The in-mold labeled PP container is 100% recyclable.


Honorable Mention – Injection Molded Part
Vacuum Cleaner Fascia

Submitted by: Serigraph Inc. 
Molder: Serigraph Inc. 
Brand Owner: Oreck

This two-shot injection molded vacuum cleaner fascia, which incorporates clear PC and a light shroud in opaque resin, delivers both cost savings and flexibility. The clear resin at the base of the fascia creates an integrated headlight lens, which reduced the product cost in comparison to previous multiple part designs. The IML process enables custom graphics to be changed easily without additional tooling expense. More than 10 different graphic designs have been used in this part.


Best Label Design
Chapman's® Yogurt Package

Submitted by: Treofan/IML Labels Canada 
Molder: Jokey Plastics North America Inc. 
Brand Owner: Chapman's Ice Cream

Chapman's is the #1 Frozen Yogurt in Canada and deserves a top of the line IML look. This fantastic package offers up ample landscape to showcase the benefits of a great product and beautiful crisp, clear photography. A sharper look, a tamper evident lid, and an all round 'greener' package makes this product friendly for both consumer and manufacturer.


Best Part Design
On the Border® Margarita Mix

Submitted by: Ropak Packaging 
Molder: Ropak Packaging 
Brand Owner: Truco Enterprises Inc.

ROPAK's patent-pending Diamond Weave Technology´âö was incorporated into Truco Company's frozen drink mix containers resulting in a 33% source reduction and a 38% reduction in GHG emissions. The diamond lattice structure on the internal surface of the container adds structural strength so that top load performance is maintained after the container is significantly light-weighted. The new design also features a lid with a channel for dipping the edge of margarita glasses in salt, creative branding on the lid that is laser engraved, improved IML graphics for shelf appeal and improved access to the cover for consumer convenience.


Honorable Mention – Part Design
iPhone® Back Cover

Submitted by: Trexta 
Molder: Trexta 
Brand Owner: Trexta

After many years of research and development Trexta has managed to cover the plastic with genuine leather, real leather and real stitching with a technology that ensures long lasting usage, precise match of two materials and a great bond between the Trexta's Snap On covers and the users who can stand out and express their feelings.


Best Product Family
Nesquik® Containers

Submitted by: StackTeck & Gateway Plastics 
Molder: Gateway Plastics 
Brand Owner: Nestlé USA, Food & Beverage Division

This ergonomically friendly rectangular container fits perfectly in the consumer's hand while providing a large billboard to bring shelf awareness to the product itself. A 360 degree wrap-around rotogravure glossy label with transparent lid increases overall aesthetics and consumer acceptance. In combination with a state-of-the-art mold at minimum draft and precise label placement, this package is preferred and chosen by millions of consumers every day!


Honorable Mention – Product Family
Transformers – Slurpee® Cups

Submitted by: IGH Solutions 
Molder: Technimark 
Brand Owner: 7-Eleven Inc.

These 22oz lenticular cups incorporate windows of vivid, action-packed scenes and crisp, two-phase flips of each cup's featured character, combined with spot animation inside the Slurpee® logo. Each cup version features the letters on the Slurpee logo as windows to additional movie action. The subtlety of the touch is appreciated by hardcore fans!


Best Thin Wall Packaging
Lloyd's® Barbeque Package

Submitted by: Airlite Plastics Co. 
Molder: Airlite Plastics Co. 
Brand Owner: Hormel Foods Corp.

Airlite Plastics Co. and Hormel worked together to redesign primary packaging for their Lloyd's prepared barbeque meats. The package incorporates three IML labels, two on the container and one on the lid. The conversion allowed Lloyd's to eliminate the paperboard sleeve as information is now directly on the container and lid. This correlates to significant sustainable benefits as the elimination of the throwaway sleeve saved 973 tons of paper. Additionally the design of the container includes "stay cool" handles, which makes it easier for the consumer to remove the heated container from the microwave. The container is also re-usable and fully recyclable.


Honorable Mention – Thin Wall Packaging
Meadow Fresh® Yoghurt Package

Submitted by: Alto Packaging & Goodman Fielder 
Molder: Alto Packaging 
Brand Owner: Goodman Fielder Dairy

This asymmetrical container has indented curves, providing an easy grip feature for consumers and a tub that fits easily into the refrigerator door. With a tamper evident break-band and fully re-sealable lid, this design helps to reduce product spoilage after opening. The in-mould labels deliver high impact graphics, stretching from the base to the top of the tub and on the lid as well. Recyclability is improved because the foil seal is eliminated, and due to the strength of the tub, the container may be re-used as a storage container in the home for both dry and wet goods.