2011 IMDA Awards Winners

2011 IMDA AWARDS WINNERS The In-Mold Decorating Association proudly presents the winners of its Fifth Annual Awards Competition which honors the industry's best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The 2011 winning entries were chosen by our panel of judges based on creativity in design, engineering and innovation from a field of 28 entries from 12 companies world wide.



Best IMD Durable Product
Washer Dryer Control Panel

Submitted by: Serigraph Inc.
Molder: Serigraph, Inc.

Durability, functionality and versatility come together in this attractive, user-friendly control panel. Chemical-resistant polyester film was second surface printed and encapsulated using IMD for a robust construction that meets tough appliance industry performance standards. The 85 degree bend across the top of the panel was created in the molding process, eliminating the added cost of a secondary forming operation. Interchangeable buttons in the mold tool enabled multiple button/feature set combinations for a variety of colored panels so an entire product line runs in one injection mold tool.


Best Injection Molded Part
Laundry Control Panel

Submitted by: Serigraph Inc.
Molder: TH Plastics, Inc

This laundry control panel has many outstanding features including precision printing, selective use of chrome, an in-mold formed badge and in-mold embossed buttons capable of actuating over 100,000 times without failure. It is used on three different washer and dryer platforms, each with a unique design. The versatility of the IMD process delivered individual button geometries, perimeter shape, graphics and accents to differentiate one product line from another.


Best Label Design
Venice Mask Box

Submitted by: al Printing
Molder: Curver

Turning a plain plastic box into an eye catching package was the challenge for aL Printing. After extensive testing of different combinations of inks and lacquers in the molding process, al Printing designed this six color, uv-flexo printed label. Three additional lacquers and special inks were needed to give this label the final metal glossy look without compromising all the mechanical properties required for molding.


Honorable Mention – Label Design
Wisk Laundry Detergent

Submitted by: Multi-Color Corporation
Molder: Graham Packaging 
Brand Owner: Sun Products

In late 2010, Sun Products went through a major brand re-design for the company’s Wisk Laundry Detergent. A new advertising campaign and new formula focused on the “Science of Stain Fighting”. Sun Products desired a label which would highlight this modern outlook on fabric care, as well as attract valuable shelf presence in the uber-competitive laundry market. The resulting product has the ultimate no-label look while utilizing in-line cold-foil application in a flexographic printing process. Additionally, the cold-foil was optimized to ensure regrinding capabilities at the blow molder.


Best Part Design
Red Path Sugar Container

Submitted by: Ropak Packaging
Molder: Ropak Packaging 
Brand Owner: Red Path Sugar Ltd.

Attractive, functional and reusable, Red Path Sugar in its patented 2.3-L EZ Stor® container with tamper-evident hinged cover makes it easy to dispense product over time as well as resealing the product for freshness. The in-mold labeling maximizes billboard area to help sell the product on the store shelf. The space efficient rectangular shape maximizes shelf density in retail stores as well as on a pallet during transportation and is easily stored in the consumer’s cupboard for reuse.


Best Product Family
Enfamil Infant Formula

Submitted by: Mead Johnson Nutrition
Molder: Plastic Moulders
Brand Owner: Mead Johnson Nutrition

This re-usable tub with refill pouch concept is the first of its kind in the infant formula category. The tub and specially designed IML structure is intended to be re-used and can withstand multiple dishwasher cycles. The injection molded oval shaped tub allows for easy gripping and handling. The specially designed high gloss in-mold label also incorporates the use of foil in the gold swoosh and Enfamil brand stamp to accent the premium brand image.


Honorable Mention – Product Family
Thor 7-Eleven cups

Submitted by: Inland Label
Molder: Technimark 
Brand Owner: 7-Eleven Inc.

Using Inland Label’s patented laminated technology for IML, the Thor family of cups is able to achieve a high-end reflective metallic look on an injection in-molded container. The laminated construction makes these cups much more durable than their cavitated white film counterparts allowing them to withstand hundreds of dishwasher cycles with zero negative impact on the label. High quality gravure printing provides photo quality graphics that accurately replicate the characters in the movie, making the cups a premium souvenir fans will collect and keep.


Best Thin Wall Packaging
Rugenwalder Teewurst Package

Submitted by: Marbach Moulds & Automation GmbH
Molder: Weidenhammer Plastic Packaging GmbH 
Brand Owner: Rugenwalder Muhle Carl Muller und Co. KG

For the first time, an advanced IML process enables seamless integration of side and bottom labels without edges in a single step. This cup design was previously only possible with thermoformed containers and sleeve labels. The IML process developed by Marbach Moulds & Automation GmbH with full-cover-labeling makes it possible to integrate a seamless, all-around label in a single step while retaining the soft contour of the bottom that is standard with thermoform packaging. This IML container offers greater design freedom with the same "hand finished" look and feel, and its technique is the next step in doing barrier IML-projects.