2012 IMDA Awards Winners

The In-Mold Decorating Association proudly presents the winners of its Sixth Annual Awards Competition which honors the industry's best in-mold labeled packaging and in-mold decorated durable products. The winning entries for 2012 were chosen by our panel of judges for creativity in design, engineering and innovation from a field of 19 entries from 15 companies world wide.



Best IMD Durable Product
Caldera Control Panel

Submitted by: Distinctive Plastics
Molder: Distinctive Plastics
Brand Owner: Hot Spring Spas

This second generation control panel is molded using the Kurz reel-to-reel method of in-mold decoration. It combines metallic highlights and flowing geometric shapes with the smooth black-out effects of an iPhone® concealing the transparent window. The beautiful look is also highly chemical resistant and scratch resistant. Kurz's new hard coat is up to six times harder than previously obtainable with other processes.


Best Part Design
Redbox DVD Case

Submitted by: CBW Automation
Molder: Evco Plastics
Brand Owner: Redbox

The injection molded cases that hold the DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, and video games need to hold up well over many uses while promoting the Redbox brand. Originally, during the startup days of Redbox, the cases were pad printed. However, the company experienced a lot of degradation of the inks due to repeated handling of the cases.  Working together with injection molder Evco Plastics and automation supplier CBW Automation, Redbox created a new DVD case with superior functionality, appearance and long term durability.


Best Injection Molded Part
Speaker Grill

Submitted by: Craft Originators Inc.
Molder: TASUS Corporation
Brand Owner: Beats by Dre/Chrysler

Craft Originators Inc and TASUS Corporation (subsidiaries of the Tsuchiya Group Companies) came together in manufacturing a speaker grill that is as crisp and precise as the audio itself. Craft provided a solution through development of distortion art for the pre-formed outer ring and inner emblem using high gloss piano black polycarbonate printed in a rich red with a protective top coating for long term durability. The precision formed and trimmed parts were then shipped to TASUS for insert into the speaker grill mold and backshot with Polycarbonate / ABS.   The speaker grill assembly is featured in Chrysler 300S Models that include Beats by Dre audio systems.


Injection Molded Part – Honorable Mention
Cell Phone Case

Submitted by: OtterBox Products/Rolco
Molder: Rolco, Inc.
Brand Owner: OtterBox Products, LLC

OtterBox worked with Rolco in the successful development of a flexible phone case made from thermoplastic material. When they mentioned that they would like the ability to add more color to their product line, Rolco suggested in-mold labeling. OtterBox contacted Serigraph to develop a label with excellent adhesion that would mimic the silky feel of the slipcover. For their first graphic, OtterBox licensed a popular camouflage pattern from Realtree® to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts in their home state of Colorado and throughout the world. OtterBox launched two camo designs in 2011 and have successfully opened up the doors to new markets with the ability to customize their products with in-mold labeling.


Injection Molded Part – Honorable Mention
Automobile Door Trim Panel

Submitted by: Eimo Technologies, Inc.
Molder: Eimo Technologies, Inc.
Brand Owner: Chrysler

This Door Trim Panel was produced using Nissha's Type TR Film and molded at Eimo Technologies in SW Michigan. To produce this eye catching appearance, the chrome / wood look, is printed on a carrier film via gravure printing, then the registered image is transferred from the film during the injection molding process at Eimo.


Best Label Design
Gain® Liquid Detergent

Submitted by: Multi-Color Corporation
Molder: Plastipak
Brand Owner: Procter & Gamble

Although simple cold foil has been done before, Gain® needed to remain loyal to their SKU color identities without breaking the bank for expensive custom-colored foils. By overprinting the foils with a special primer and transparent ink, Gain and MCC were able to create a work of art which remained true to the brand's identity. Each label was constructed with foil serving as a base substrate and then treating the foil to allow for proper ink adhesion to the slippery metal. The intricate design was then trapped with a unique over-printing varnish to ensure that the label could survive the intense blow-molding process. After application, the bottle itself became a shining beacon on the store shelves that grabs the shopper's attention while reflecting ambient light to the eye.


Best Product Family
Avengers™ Movie Theme Cups & Buckets

Submitted by: Srithai Superware
Molder: Srithai Superware
Brand Owner: Srithai Superware

Moving up to the next achievement level in the production of in-mold decorated products, Srithai Superware introduces its new and visually striking metalized labels. These new metallic labels on its Avengers™ movie theme drink cups and popcorn buckets are a perfect match for the power of all four heroes and are enhanced by the extra-large lid top action figures. In addition to the metalized effect, Srithai Superware has increased the drink cup from 32 oz to 44 oz and the popcorn bucket from 64 oz to 85 oz, enhancing the enjoyment of movie fans and providing more revenue for concessionaires.


Best Thin Wall Packaging
2.25 liter Superwall Pail

Submitted by: Polipa Plastic Packaging

The new Polipa 2.25 liter pail introduces a breakthrough innovation in thin wall packaging. The hidden Pillar wall technology achieves good top load strength and significant raw material savings which helps the environment and saves costs for all with no compromise in performance. This new design was developed in-house for stack mold production. A new Superwall series of five and ten liter pails will be available in Fall, 2012.