2015 IMDA Awards Winners

The In-Mold Decorating Association is a trade association representing molders, printers, material suppliers, equipment suppliers and others committed to the development and growth of in-mold labeling and decorating products, technologies and markets. Its mission is to raise the level of awareness and acceptance of in-mold decorated durable products and in-mold labeled packaging by OEMs, brand owners and marketers. IMDA represents and supports all of its member companies across the entire in-mold labeling and decorating supply chain.

                  The IMDA proudly presents the winners of the 2015 IMDA Awards.


     Best Injection Molded (IML) Package
     Gold Award
     Cascade Dishwasher Packs

          Submitted By: IML Labels Inc.
          Brand Owner: Proctor & Gamble
          Molder: Bway
          Label Supplier: IML Labels Inc.

This new full wrap IML, replacing P/S labels on front and back, creates a visually stunning package that has helped increase sales of this product significantly. It gives the brand 360 degree graphics with more space for additional product information. The package is now 100% polypropylene, enhancing its recycleability and customer appeal. P&G converted not only this tub but all their other tub sizes to IML with significant growth in their sales across the entire brand


     Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part
     Gold Award
     Clarisonic Mia 2

          Submitted By: ZoMazz, Inc.
          Brand Owner: Clarisonic
          Molder: Phillips Medisize
          Label Supplier: ZoMazz, Inc.

The patented ZoMazz digital in-mold decoration® (DIMD) technology is the ultimate product embellishment technology for the Clarisonic Mia 2.  With ZoMazz DIMD, the Clarisonic design team was free to create endless decorative variations while meeting the most stringent chemical and abrasion resistance requirements necessary for beauty tools. The Mia 2 part incorporates complex 3D, deep draw, IMD label design, digital IMD printing, graphic distortion, graphics registering across parting lines and rotary triple shot molding to achieve a water tight world class design.  The Mia 2 is a flagship product for Clarisonic. With ZoMazz DIMD, Clarisonic has been able to launch 20 different graphic presentations on the Mia 2 within a year for both promotional and inbox releases.  


     Best Injection Molded Durable (IMD) Part
     Silver Award
     Logo Plate Assembly

          Submitted By: Distinctive Plastics, Inc.
          Brand Owner: Hotspring Spa
          Molder: Distinctive Plastics, Inc.
          Label Supplier: Kurz America

 This Logo plate for a high end hydrotherapy spa not only needed to be elegant and durable, but functional as well. The solid piano black surface boldly supports the HotSpring name in silver with a functional logo that appears white when turned off, yet the multi-colored LEDs behind the plate signal the condition of the spa when turned on. Utilizing 2nd surface printing provided by the Kurz IMD roll method (IMR) on the back side of the plate not only provides for maximum durability but also makes for a deep elegant look viewing through the acrylic plate. The plate is outfitted with a 2-shot light guide that channels the LED light so as to not get any cross-lighting.


     Best Label Design
     Gold Award
     Homann Meat Salad – Golden Pickle Competition

          Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels
          Brand Owner: Homann Feinkost GmbH
          Molder: Spies Kunststoffe GmbH
          Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

The German salad producer Homann has launched a ‘Golden Pickle’ competition. Homann opted for Verstraete’s DoubleSided IML labels for the bottom of the packaging. These innovative labels are printed on both sides. They concealed the golden pickle effectively from the consumer’s curious gaze. The consumer only found out if there was a golden pickle on the bottom of the pot and if he/she had won EUR5,000 when the last portion of the meat salad was served. The tub part of the packaging has a unique label design: Both sides and bottom are decorated with only one label.


     Best Label Design
     Silver Award
     Dulux WeatherShield 20 Liter Paint Pail

          Submitted By: PT San Darma Plastics
          Brand Owner: Akzo-Nobel
          Molder: PT San Darma Plastics
          Label Supplier: Korsini-SAF

 The transition from metal pails to plastic pails for Akzo Nobel Indonesia’s top-of-the-line Dulux WeatherShield product line required a novel innovative and premium appearance. Utilizing pails with the IML technique from San Darma Plastics and Korsini’s meticulously designed special mirror-finished metallic ink rotogravure label, Akzo Nobel has drawn a new higher benchmark in a unique but impressive presentation.


     Best Part Design
     Gold Award

          Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels
          Brand Owner: Eggs Posure
          Molder: Eggs Posure
          Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

Eggs Posure wants to develop creative packaging concepts for the egg industry. The Eggs Posure showpiece, Eggyplay, serves as a packaging and a sustainable toy because the egg boxes work like clickable building blocks. This innovative 100% recyclable packaging weighs less than a traditional egg packaging and takes up half the stacking space. The dishwasher-proof IML labels produced by Verstraete IML are resistant to repeated exposure to high temperatures, moisture and detergents and offer optimal protection for the colours.


     Best Product Family
     Gold Award
     4800 Series Bait Bucket

          Submitted By: Plano Synergy
          Brand Owner: Plano Synergy- Frabill Division
          Molder: Plano Synergy
          Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

 Plano Synergy set out to upgrade their bait storage buckets in not just functionality and ease of use for anglers, but also in establishing a unique visual look on the shelf that sets the Frabill brand apart from the competition. Each of the five new buckets starts with a unique IML decorated base calling out the model and feature configurations of specialized lids, strainers, foam insulation, and aerators.  After an in-depth review of innovative branding technologies, Frabill proceeded with a new IML automation system, leveraging past successes with IML and existing knowledge of the IML process on previous projects.


     Best Product Family
     Silver Award
     SealPack Pint

          Submitted By: IPL Inc.
          Molder: IPL Inc.
          Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

IPL Inc. was approached by a large retailer looking for a new clear package to replace an opaque paper container for their Gelato, Sorbet and Premium Ice Cream. The new container needed to be clear and have a clear IML decoration while meeting the -40°F freezable impact requirements. The SealPack Pint is a 16 oz. high clarity frozen food container that was created to fulfill their needs. This clear polypropylene container with IML and lid is 100 % recyclable. The embossed colored lid and the clear container with complimentary photography quality graphics per flavor allow the consumer to see the ice cream for better consumer appeal.


     Best Prototype Package
     Gold Award

          Submitted By: Stephanos Karydakis Printing House SA
          Brand Owner: Jokey Plastics
          Molder: Jokey Plastics
          Label Supplier: Stephanos Karydakis Printing House SA

 This prototype package has the first multi-interactive label in the market using several  technologies. It has thermo-chromic ink in printed areas, which changes color reversibly over the temperature range of -10 and +69°C (14 and 149°F). The design of the label incorporates the invisible digital watermarking technology. The consumer can scan the packaging at any point on the label with a custom designed smart phone app, and is immediately redirected to a specific internet page without the need of a QR-code. The label has been printed on a metallized substrate which can be statically charged and moulded. Finally, this label has spot glossy and matte lacquers.


     Best Thermoformed IML Package
     Gold Award
     ConAgra Foods/Tech II IML-T

          Submitted By: Verstraete In-Mold Labels
          Brand Owner: ConAgra Foods Inc.
          Molder: Tech II
          Label Supplier: Verstraete In-Mold Labels

 ConAgra Foods was looking to re-brand their round direct printed packaging to a real eye-catcher on the shelves. Together with Tech II, they developed a thermoformed square 15 OZ package. This re-branded product is now highly decorative and offers great communication opportunities thanks to the 5-sided IML label, printed by Verstraete IML. Decorating this packaging is now a 1 stop process. 


     Best Thin Wall Package
     Gold Award
     Olympus Greek Yogurt

          Submitted By: Stephanos Karydakis Printing House SA
          Brand Owner: Olympus Dairy
          Molder: Kotronis Plastics
          Label Supplier: Stephanos Karydakis Printing House SA

The BackPrint technology offers a totally scratch-free label surface and makes perfect sense for pasteurization, autoclave procedures, and dish washer resistance as well as direct lip contact. At the same time the package has the highest possible gloss without the use of UV lacquers, even in thin-wall-packages.

 Our congratulations to all of the winners in the 2015 IMDA Awards competition.