PT Pura Barutama

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PT Pura Barutama


In 1970 Pura Group achieved a historical milestone with the new leadership of the third generation. Under the professional leadership of proven management team and with the synergy of more than 8500 employees, the Company is growing extensively to penetrate new markets - domestic and overseas.

The key strength of Pura Group lies in its complete lineup of products and robust manufacturing base of more than 25 production divisions, on a 65-hectare plus base. One business unit rapidly growing is "Total Security System" focused on security printing.

Our business unit continuously improves our capability in hologram technologies to provide high secure product on bank notes, security documents, brand protection product & brand enhancement product.


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Christian Lydiarto, Head Business Unit


JL. Akbp Agil Kusumadya 203
Kudus, Jawa Tengah 59346


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