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Ren-Flex IML offers the largest selection of in-mold labels in the South African Market; manufactured in South Africa. Our diverse selection of labels includes brilliantly printed and functional thin film labels, special effect, metallic, color change, textured, and highly durable laminated labels that can be used for under the hood applications, industrial equipment safety labels, and product labels. Because our labels are manufactured in South Africa, we offer on time delivery. Our central location eliminates supply line concerns and label quality control headaches. If you are currently using in-mold labels or thinking about an in-mold label application, please contact us and our experienced engineers will help you each step of the way. Because of our attention to detail and rigorous quality system, you can be assured every in-mold label will match your color concerns and functionality through-out your production run and order to order for the life of your project. In-Mold Labeling (IML) is a cost effective and hygienic process of decorating injection-molded, blow-molded and thermo-formed plastic products. Injection (I-IML) and blow (B-IML) molding have been around for several years. Because of advances in automation and thermoforming equipment, thermoforming (T-IML) recently added to the IML process. When using eye-catching in-mold labels, your product will jump off the shelf and into the hands of consumers. When your product stands out from the competition, because of shelf presents, superior functionality, and safety labeling, value is added to your product and revenue is increased.



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Tommy du Sart


P.O. Box 606
Bedfordview, 2008 
South Africa


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