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INTRAVIS is a leader in the vision system market for the inspection of plastic packaging and decorations, offering turn-key solutions worldwide.

One of our specialized markets is the inspection of In-Mold-Labels on plastic packages, either stand-alone or integrated within a takeout system.  INTRAVIS systems are precise and easy-to-use due to our unique and purpose-dedicated software specific to the application and designed from many years of experience.  Our technology inspects the full label and detects defects that are difficult to find using traditional tool-based vision technologies.

Inspection criteria that we offer include Label presence, Label identity, Label position (vertical, horizontal), Printing error on label, Overlapping areas and gaps at the label joint, Blow-byes, Color inspection of the label at the injection point, Print-to-cut offset of the label, Offset of the artwork on the object, Contamination, Inspection for short shots and long shots at label edges (optional), Inspection of the undecorated inner surface of the object, and Inspection of various codes (e.g. barcode, data matrix code, batch code).

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Scott Heins, Director of Sales & Marketing


303 Research Dr
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Vision Inspection Systems
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