Member Showcase

Several IMDA member companies are featured in recent issues of Modern Plastics and Plastics Decorating magazine.

High-Tech Contract Decorating at Emerald Corporation by Amy Bauer  
Emerald Corporation has developed its niche serving the appliance, automotive and medical industries with attention to quality and detail, high-level cleanroom and automation technology, technical expertise and supply-chain relationships that give it a competitive advantage.

"In-Mold Decorating with Pre-Printed Film Inserts" by Ann Marie Lentz  
Serigraph Inc. shows us how in-mold decoration cuts costs and improves quality in many applications including automobile interior parts, contoured appliance control panels, electronic devices, medical devices, sports equipment and toys. The article addresses why in-mold decoration should be considered, how to choose materials and limitations of the process.

"Embracing the Challenges in IMD at Distinctive Plastics"   
This article, originally published in the October/November 2011 issue of Plastics Decorating, is an interesting and entertaining interview with Tim Curnutt, President of Distinctive Plastics.

To contact Emerald Corporation, Distinctive Plastics, and Serigraph Inc. see the Member Listing page of this website.